Sweet Home

I am still in a perennial search for the best home for my family. I’ve been searching long and hard, but for some reason, what is presented falls short of my requirements.

I admit, a big chunk of my “requirement” is centered on affordability. But also, I give a premium to the kind of environment and amenities my future home sets in. They say good things come to those who wait. Well, I feel the clock ticking. There is still too much ground to cover and the search is far from over.

When I heard about McCormick Ranch Real Estate, I instantly knew that this is my dream home. This is where I want to raise my family. It is a community in itself that anyone can be proud to be part of. Plus, the environment and surroundings are perfect for growing kids.

Truly, a piece of heaven on earth:)

Great Gifts

It's Christmas. I have been busy checking out shop and stuff in search for the perfect gifts. My theme for this year is "healthy wellbeing". I'm glad to report that I am a few items away from getting everyone that perfect present. For my sisters and colleagues, I thought of getting some handmade soaps and aromatheraphy diffuser.

Vanilla Coconut Glycerine Soap Decorate Heart Soap
As a working mom, we are constantly bombarded with hectic days and endless activity. A little touch of comfort and relaxation at the end of the day will definitely work wonders and will lead us to a healthy lifestyle. With aromatheraphy, these spa treasures are surely a great stress relievers.

All That Glitters

I've always been fascinated with gold coins.  I used to peek through my grandfather's gold coin collection when I was little.  I realized that gold is more than just jewelry.  Gold has played a great deal in history.   Having inherited my grandfather's coin collection, I appreciate it's value in culture.  I recently came across a site that tells a great deal about gold.  Whether you're acquiring it, or just simply want information, this site is the best place to check out. 

Your guide to gold is at your fingertips.

Affordable Optimization

These days managing a website is fast becoming a challenge.  As I know from experience, it is not enough that one does well with his or her regular postings.  What really counts now is getting traffic inceresed for a site.  This is definitely more than mere writing alone.

This is where having the right SEO service comes in.  I am glad I found discountlink.  Now, I am assured that I get the results I want.  What's more, this search engine service  is so affordable.  With just a fraction of a regular cost, increased traffic is right at your fingertips.  You can never go wrong with discountlink.

Check out the best deals in the web today.  Discountlink provides the choices you need, results guaranteed!

Sauna for Health

Infrared Sauna

One of the reasons I rarely miss gym schedule is because of the sauna.  I always look forward to spending some relaxing time in the hot bamboo floors.  Instantly, my stress and aches go away!

Sad to say, my days in the gym and my precious sauna have lessened.  Work has been  hectic and the demands of motherhood really crazy.  Good thing I found infrared saunas.  Now, I can have the health benefits of a spa and a sauna in the comforts of my home.

                                                   Easy Lean System

Infrared sauna has a wide array of variety I can chose from at the most affordable prices, ever.  Living healthy is no more than a click away.


My weeks of preparation is finally over.  It's now official, my project is finally done, up, and running.  I'd like to invite and welcome everyone to my second home in the web, BOTH SIDES NOW.

This is what I've been doing, perfecting all these time.  I will be temporarily leaving this site and will be concentrating on my other home.  Like all relationships, it's quite dificult to part with a first love, but life changes and we all have to move along, at one point or another.

So, join me as I embark on another phase in my so called LIFE.

project update

Im back! Im still working on my "project", though.  All I can say is its almost DONE!  Expect major changes from me. I wish I can tell you guys about it or let you in a sneak peak.  But it would ruin the surprise.

In the meantime, thank you for all the visits, the tags and what-have-you's.  Im going to make a BIG BAWI, don't worry.  MALAPIT NA...


There's this big project that Im doing so I may have to take a sabatical for a while.   I can't tell this early but Im keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to complete it soon.  Actually, I already started some days ago and I think this project needs a bit of more time to finish...

So until then, folks.  I'll try, though to drop in a few lines or so .   Hey, but wait! before anything else, I'd like to thank Jo-N for inviting me over to her housewarming party.  Thanks a lot, I trully enjoyed the food and games. And of course, these cute door prize.

                                           Nice Matter Award



                                                               happy easter

                                                               Happy Easter

I am sharing this bunny to everyone in my blogroll.  Have a great day, everyone!