I am a hopeless romantic.  I get really excited and teary eyed whenever there's a wedding in my family or in my circle of friends.  I love the idea of celebrating romance--- the clothes, jewelry, food, music and all the frills that makes the ocassion very special.  One of the most essential part of any big event is the preparation.  Having the best Wedding Planner really makes the diffrence.  I've recently watched Snoop Dogg's wedding and I was amazed on how perfect it was.  A wedding planning company called Center of Attention did a marvelous job in making this celebrity wedding a success.  Their brand of creativity coupled with efficient staff is amazing.  Imagine, transforming a ranch into a beautiful wedding scene.  It's like a picture from a romantic magazine!  This guys really know how to put the "it" factor into any wedding or event you have in mind.  Just name the place, and they'll do the rest.

Aside from weddings, Center of Attention also does event planning.  Who is to forget Sharon and Ozzy's Wedding Renewal which was aired MTV New Year's Eve 2004 party?  Yes, these guys are masters behind that successful event.  They even bagged the industry award, from the Special Events Magazine.  They have people who are willing to go anywhere, do anything, bring everything to make the most important event of your life a truly unforgettable experience.

So whether its a wedding, a party or perhaps a major event, don't hesitate to be the Center of Attention


There's a bomb in the city. No, there's no cause for alarm here.  the bomb Im talking about is called Snapbomb.  It's the latest in blog marketing and blog advertising.. This is  definitely worth the buzz.  Bloggers are given the opportunity to write and review about topics and get paid for it.  Joining is as easy as 1-2-3.  All you have to do is get yourself registered and VIOLA! your in.  You can start writing while waiting for your site to be approved.

How cool is that?  So If you're like me who loves to write and is searching for ways to e4arn that extra buck, try Snapbomb now.  See how the moolah pops in



Whew....! The latest society scandal to hit the internet is such a huge thing.  I just spent an hour and a half in shock reading and trying to digest its content.  I heard about this a couple of days ago but haven't really checked it out until today.  WOW!  I never thought these people gracing the society pages have skeletons in their closets.  Heck, they're even more fascinating than our showbiz personalities.  Im sure the Buzz and Showbiz Central will have a blast in the ratings if they choose to feature this.

I don't usually engage in internet gossip.  In fact, Im always the last to know about the juicy details.  But this one comes as an exception.  Once I started, I got hooked.  Beauty, drugs, and money.  Just like scenes from soap operas.  

I must admit this information is very entertaining.  I also think, though that net has become an avenue for the abuse of our freedom of expression.  Somehow, blogs have become portals for gossip, anger, and ill words.  

Tsk, tsk, tsk .  A little responsiblity and tact wouldn't hurt.....


Today marks Daddy's first death anniversary.  I barely noticed that its been one year already since he passed away.  Life contined for us, somehow we all have moved on.  But in that busy hustle, his memory lingers all the time.  I miss him a lot. If there's one thing I'd regret, its the thought that he won't be able to see my kids grow up.

Last night I dreamt about him.  He kissed me on the forehead before he waved goodbye.  I guess that officially says that I really have to let go.....


                                                Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez Weigh-in

Yahoo!  Filifino boxing hero and People's Champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao has done it again.  Pacman won the WBC super featherweight title over Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.  I am not really a boxing enthusiast, nor am I Pacquiao's avid fan but I admit today's fight was one of the best. I liked the match up.  Unlike all of Pacman's opponents where his win is evident early on, this one tops it all. Both men really put up a good fight.  News like this really makesme proud to be pinoy...



I had fun doing this tag   Its really amusing to know that the titles fit together.  Its a fine Saturday morning for some good music.  

Thanks, Daisy.  Quite a cool list of tunes you've got there.  

So how does it work? just follow the rules below:

1. Open your music library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, Winamp, ZVM, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question/subject, type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to the next question, press the next button.
6. Don’t lie and pretend you’re cool.
[you may add your reaction, too, if you like.]
1. Opening credits: 
Constantly by Nina

2. Waking up:
Kiss Me by Jewel

3. First Day of School:
One Hello by Angela Bofill

4. Falling in love:
Killing Me Softly by Lori  Leiberman

5. First song:
If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys  
6. Breaking up:
If I Believe by Patti Austin

7. Prom:
Someone To Watch Over Me by Linda Rodstandt

8. Life:
Let’s groove by Earth, Wind and Fire

9. Mental breakdown:
Cool with You by Jennifer Love Hewitt

10. Driving:
You Give Good Love by Whitney Houston

11. Flashback:
Fire and Rain by James Taylor
12. Getting back together:
Love  Moves in Mysterious Ways by Nina

13. Wedding:
I Wish You Love by Lisa Ono

4.Birth of a child:
Sweet surrenderby Sarah McLachlan

15. Final battle:
I Will Survive

16. Death scene:
After the love has gone by Earth, Wind & Fire

17. Funeral song:
Big Girls Dont Cry by Fergie

18. End credits:
Fabulous by Fergie

Now Im tagging Cheryll, Julianna, Caramel Corn, Ideal Pink Rose,and Grace.  Have fun girls!


Summer always brings thoughts of outdoor fun and family adventure.  One of the best places to visit is Australia.  With its endless sunbaked beaches, excotic forests, and avant garde communities, the place is the perfect blend of European art, culture, and the outdoors.  A tour of this county's major cities is truly a feast for the senses.

For a taste of its cosmopolitan living, Melbourne is the place to be.  Tourists flock to this bayside community for shopping, restaurants, and the culture. If you are looking for an affordable yet classy accomodations, Melbourne Hotels is your best bet.  Its like having the best of the nightscene right in your doorstep.

A visit to Australia's capital and oldest city, Sydney is also a must.  With its dizzy skyscrappers, delicious restaurants, and superb shopping tourists are in for a treat.  Sydney Hotels offers the best accomodations with great value for your money.

Wanting a more laid back approach to your vacation?  Brisbane tops the list.  Capture the beauty of tropical landscape, coupled with the perfect weather in the comfort of your room.  Brisbane Hotels has the best deals too good to resist.

Enjoy the sun, surf, and sand in the sunny state of Perth.  Its endless beaches and magnificent sunsets is a marvel for the whole family to experience.  If you want front seat view of some beach action, check out Perth Hotels.  

So you see, there is indeed something for everyone in Australia.  A paradise for the seasoned traveler plus great accomodation deals that delivers value for your money..


 This is a continuation of the tags I received.  Im posting them now because I think they're really cool.  Im tagging particularly everyone in my links list.  I hope you guys have your fill and grab them.

Tag 1: Domino Effect
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